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5 Simple Child Proof Knife Storage Solutions

The kitchen can be an exciting place for children, just as much as it is for the culinary enthusiast. However, knives and the presence of other similar sharp utensils can be risky and rather dangerous. This is why it is important to store kitchen knives such that they are out of reach (and preferably sight) of tiny human hands.

Not only do knife storage solutions help child-proof your standard kitchen, but also allow you to store your kitchen knives properly so that they stay sharper and last longer. For this purpose, we have gathered a number of easy and simple child-proof knife storage solutions for you. 

Such as knife block, magnetic strips, in-drawer storage and more. We will be discussing these child proof storage solutions along with their pros and cons so that you can decide which options would work the best for you in order to make your kitchen child-proof.

First, let’s analyze the factors that must be kept in mind when choosing a specific child proof storage method:

How to choose a child proof knife storage solution

child holding a knife
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The first factor to consider when choosing a child proof knife storage solution is the height at which it can be kept. This aspect is important so that children cannot get their hands on these sharp objects no matter how hard they try.


Out of sight is out of mind. For children, this is especially true. They are more tempted to reach out for shiny and attractive objects that they can see. Therefore, it is important to choose a knife storage solution that can preferably be kept out of their sight.


It is also important that you choose a knife storage solution that lasts you long. Otherwise, you would end up dealing with a knife storage emergency with nowhere to store your knives away from your children.

Number of knives it can hold

Before choosing a child-proof knife storage solution, determine the number of knives that you own. Once you have determined the number, choose a solution accordingly so that it can hold all of your knives. There is no point having a knife holder with few of your knives left hanging around elsewhere.


How much storage space is your knife storage solution taking up? Is the storage space visible and accessible to children? Determine and choose the type and kind of storage considering the  space your storage solution is taking.

Now that we have determined the necessary factors, let’s see what the options for safe knife storage  you can choose from are:

Childproof knife storage solutions

Wall mounted magnetic strips

A wall mounted magnetic knife strip is a strip of wood that has magnets running along it mounted on the wall. All you have to do is place your knives over the magnetic strip and the magnets will hold onto your knife.


Wall mounted magnetic strips are easily accessible for you while can be kept out of reach of children. They also allow for an aesthetic display of knives. Moreover, since there is minimal contact with the knife’s cutting edge, it allows the knives to stay sharper.


With wall mounted magnetic strips, there is always the risk of knives falling off. Also, if there is limited wall hanging space, small hands may be able to grasp the knife handles which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Non-metallic knives don’t stick on the strips which means you still have to figure out where to store them. Lastly, aesthetic display means curious children may want to climb up and reach out to these knives.

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  • Make sure you have enough wall hanging space that your children can’t get their hands on the knives or their handles.
  • Place the magnetic strip at an angle such that the risk of a dislodged knife decreases to a bare minimum.
  • Magnets on the strip need to be strong enough to hold your knives, yet keep the knife blades from chipping when they slam against your magnetic strip.

Over the counter knife blocks

knife block

The next child-proof knife storage solution is over-the-counter knife blocks. These are blocks of wooden or other material with slots where knives can easily be inserted. You can keep these knife blocks over your counter space or away in the cabinet out of reach of children.


Knife blocks come with a range of different slot sizes for holding different knives. Moreover, they can be stored anywhere: countertop, cabinets, etc.


Knife blocks are hard to clean and can be a breeding ground for dust and germs. Moreover, placing knives in blocks can be rough on the knife’s cutting edge.


  • When removing your knives from the knife blocks, make sure that you slightly press the spine of the knife against the wood to avoid contact with the knife’s cutting edge.
  • Buy slot-less blocks that have rubber or plastic rods attached within. These help in accommodating any size of knife blade.

Magnetic knife blocks

magnetic knife block

Magnetic knife blocks are similar to over-the-counter knife blocks, except that they have magnetic strips instead of slots, for magnetically holding the knives. These blocks are usually made out of materials such as aluminum, plastic, wood, and stainless steel.

You must, however, choose magnetic knife blocks vigilantly as they pose a risk of damage to your knife’s sharp edge.


Magnetic knife blocks are easy to clean and maintain as well as can be kept at a safe distance from children.


They need to be placed over the counter top for easy access which requires storage space. Also, knives are visible and uncovered in such blocks which means curious hands might attack them.


  •  Make sure that you purchase a magnetic knife block with magnets that are embedded in slabs of wood. This will keep the knife blade from being scraped against the metal strips.
  • Keep the magnetic knife block out of childrens’ reach.

Drawer storage

drawer storage
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Another way you can store your kitchen knives is by placing them in your drawers. Keeping knives and other sharp objects in the drawers allows keeping them out of sight and reach of children.


Having knives in your drawer space will keep them out of sight of any children. This way, they won’t be tempted to get their hands on them. If the drawers are at a considerable height, it is an added bonus.


This method of knife storage is the least appropriate way of storing your knives. This is because knives move inside the drawer and cause damage to each other’s blades as well as sharpness. Also, loose knives in the drawer can be a hazard if opened by children.


For protecting knives, use drawer inserts so that the knives don’t move around and stay protected. An added protection is to use safety latches so that children don’t end up opening the knives’ drawer.

Under cabinet knife storage

under cabinet storage
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This knife storage style allows storing knives in blocks attached to swivels that are in turn fixed under cabinets. Or, they are made in a hinged dock style with a drawer like enclosure which pulls down to reveal the knives inside.


Storing knives through this solution allows keeping your knives away from the sight of your children. Only displayed when needed, they are easily accessible to adults whilst out of reach of children. Plus, they help save up storage space as well.


This option is more expensive than others and may not work well with all types of cabinet designs.


  •  For added safety, you may child proof your under cabinet knife storage so that children don’t end up opening them or use lockable kitchen knife storage. 
  • Also, there must be sufficient space to store all of your knives when choosing this storage method.


Are magnetic strips a viable child proof knife storage option?

Magnetic strips can damage knives if improperly stored. This option is only viable if you buy magnetic strips of better wood and magnet quality such as neodymium.

Why is proper, child proof knife storage important?

Proper knife storage that is child proof is important because it ensures you can work in the kitchen safely without posing a risk towards children. Moreover, properly storing your knives allows them to stay sharper and last longer.

What are some important child kitchen safety tips?

• Never keep any of the knife storage rack/ block etc. at the edge of or close to countertops where little hands can reach them.
Don’t let the kitchen knives stay in the sink, especially overnight. Children can risk getting their hands cut in the sink.
• Don’t let the knives sit freely in the drawer without drawer inserts otherwise children might end up getting their fingers cut.

In conclusion

We hope that these child proof knife storage solutions will help you make an informed decision regarding your knife storage.

If improper knife storage has gotten your knives dull and blunt, check out knife sharpening methods here. Or, simply buy some new, sharp hand-forged knives to go with you cool new storage!

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