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Knife 101

Honing steel, patina, bolster, Nakiri… What does all this jargon terminology mean? Find your answers right here at our knife 101 blogs.

What is a Knife Sheath A Comprehensive Guide

What is a Knife Sheath? A Comprehensive Guide

A knife sheath is an essential accessory for anyone who regularly uses a knife, whether it’s for work, outdoor activities, or even everyday purposes. It not only provides a safe …

How Is 420J2 Steel as a Knife Steel

How Is 420J2 Steel as a Knife Steel?

420J2 is a stainless steel grade best known for its affordability and corrosion resistance. It’s a low-end, low-carbon stainless steel often used in budget knives, kitchen cutlery, surgical equipment, haircutting …

Layered Steel Knife All You Need to Know

Layered Steel Knife: All You Need to Know

The most crucial aspect of any blade is its steel. Different types of steel have varying attributes that make them better or worse for specific tasks. The type of steel …

Gyuto vs. Santoku Which One Is Right for You

Gyuto vs. Santoku: Which One Is Right for You?

Gyuto and Santoku are received as the flagship of Japanese culinary knives. They are both all-purpose kitchen knives created under the influence of Western culture. But there are some significant …

10Cr15CoMoV Composition, Properties, and More

10Cr15CoMoV: Composition, Properties, and More

There is a lot to cover when looking for the ideal steel for the perfect kitchen knife you have in mind. Every alloy contributes to the steel’s traits distinctively. Understanding …

Pankiri Knife Parts, Features, and Uses

Pankiri Knife: Parts, Features, and Uses

Whether you’re looking for a durable kitchen knife or a beautiful and intricate collectible, Japanese knives will never disappoint. While the focus may be on sushi chefs and their trusty …

How Many Knives Do You Need in the Kitchen

How Many Knives Do You Need in the Kitchen?

Sometimes back, knife blocks took pride of place on countertops, with ten or more knives of varying sizes and shapes. However, modern homeowners and cooks are on a downsizing trend. …