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13 Amazing YouTube Cooking Channels You Are Missing Out

Let’s be real here – whether you’re a kitchen maestro or just goof around with pots and pans occasionally, YouTube cooking channels are where it’s at for cooking inspo. From the amazing smells of spices to the satisfying sizzles in the pan, these channels make cooking a blast at home. 

In this foodie adventure, we’re checking out 13 awesome YouTube cooking channels that are shaking up how we think about food. Whether you’re into fancy recreations of famous dishes, a scientific take on cooking, or just some straightforward and yummy recipes, these channels cover all flavors. Come along as we uncover the chefs, their cool styles, and the drool-worthy dishes that make them internet stars.

Binging with Babish

If you’re a cinephile with a penchant for delectable dishes inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows, then “Binging with Babish” is the YouTube channel for you. Hosted by Andrew Rea and recently joined by other chefs such as Alvin Zhou, this channel has gained immense popularity for its unique concept of recreating iconic dishes from pop culture.

Popular series

Andrew’s channel is known for its two main series – “Basics with Babish” and “Binging with Babish.” In “Basics,” he covers fundamental cooking techniques and recipes, making it an excellent starting point for beginners. The titular series, “Binging with Babish,” takes a deep dive into recreating dishes featured in movies and TV shows, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The channel has also been experimenting with different series such as street food with Kai, arcade with Alvin, and botched by Babish. 

What to like?

From the famous Ratatouille from the Pixar film of the same name to the extravagant Krabby Patty from SpongeBob SquarePants, Babish tackles a diverse array of dishes. His easy-to-follow instructions, combined with his humor and cinematic references, make cooking feel like an entertaining adventure.

“Binging with Babish” is not just a cooking channel; it’s a celebration of the intersection between food and pop culture. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced home cook, Babish’s channel offers a delightful blend of entertainment and culinary education that will leave you inspired to recreate your favorite on-screen meals.


If you’re all about camping, cooking, natural culinary vibes, or ASMR, then you’re our kind of crowd! Shameless plug alert – check out our channel where we make easy and mouthwatering dishes.

We’ve been whipping up a variety of classic Mexican and Italian dishes. Our mantra? Opting for straightforward recipes—those tasty yet simple creations that anyone with basic equipment and limited cooking skills can easily master.


As for our series lineup, we’ve got two. First up, there’s “Knife Skills 101,” where we break down fundamental home kitchen knife skills. Then, we take you along for the ride with our “Camping Cooking Vlogs.” And guess what? There’s more goodness coming your way in the future – we’re planning to roll out new styles and topics, so stay tuned!


Back in its prime, Tasty stood out as one of Buzzfeed’s biggest hits. It housed a treasure trove of captivating cooking videos. While the main channel showcased the playful side of the culinary world, featuring explorations of creative cooking ideas and challenges, those hungry for in-depth dish-making lessons found a better spot on their second channel, “Tasty Recipe.”

Popular series

Over the years, Tasty has delivered some truly iconic series. Take, for instance, “Worth It,” where the hosts embark on a journey to discover and compare three dishes at varying price points, unraveling the history behind each restaurant along the way. Then there’s “Tasty 101,” breaking down the basics of cooking, while “Eating Your Feed” dives into the world of viral food trends. And let’s not forget “Tasty Cook-off”…

The channel’s signature style? Snappy, overhead shots that walk you through the step-by-step process, making the recipes a breeze to follow.

Tasty covers a broad spectrum of recipes, ranging from quick and easy meals for busy weekdays to elaborate dishes fit for special occasions. Whether you’re a dessert enthusiast, a comfort food lover, or someone looking to experiment with international cuisines, Tasty has something for everyone.

What to like?

Tasty’s universal appeal lies in its diversity and innovation. The channel constantly introduces new and exciting recipes, keeping its audience engaged and inspired. If you’re looking for a one-stop destination for culinary inspiration, Tasty’s dynamic content and user-friendly approach make it a must-follow for anyone passionate about cooking or simply enjoying delicious food.


For those seeking culinary expertise and a touch of sophistication in their home cooking, Epicurious stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. Known for its commitment to quality recipes and professional advice, Epicurious is a go-to destination for both seasoned chefs and kitchen novices.

Popular series

One of Epicurious’s standout series is the “Pro Chef vs. Home Cook,” where professional chefs and home cooks take on the challenge of creating the same dish. This series provides valuable insights into various cooking techniques and demonstrates how even complex dishes can be mastered at home. Additionally, Epicurious covers a range of cooking basics, from knife skills to essential cooking methods.

What to like?

EEpicurious covers a wide spectrum of recipes, focusing on both everyday meals and gourmet dishes. The channel aims to demystify the art of cooking, making it accessible to all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary repertoire or tackle a challenging recipe, Epicurious provides the guidance needed to elevate your cooking game.

picurious is a channel for those who appreciate culinary finesse and want to expand their cooking horizons. With its emphasis on professional tips, techniques, and a dedication to quality, Epicurious encourages viewers to embrace a more refined approach to home cooking. If you’re looking to hone your skills and bring restaurant-level expertise to your kitchen, Epicurious is a must-follow channel.

Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman has gained fame primarily through his “but better” and “but cheaper” series, tackling not only typical meats, desserts, and classic dishes but putting his unique spin on them.

While his style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the view count speaks volumes. Joshua blends humor, culinary expertise, and a love for experimentation, crafting a channel that strikes a chord with both budding cooks and seasoned kitchen veterans alike.

Popular series

Joshua Weissman’s channel is known for its engaging series, with “Basic Skills Challenge” being a standout. In this series, Joshua takes on the challenge of mastering fundamental cooking skills, providing valuable insights and tips along the way. Another fan-favorite is “But Better,” where Joshua recreates popular fast-food dishes with his own gourmet twist.

What to like?

Joshua’s culinary style is marked by a mix of approachability and innovation. He covers a range of recipes, from simple and quick meals to more elaborate and visually stunning creations. With a focus on technique and flavor, Joshua encourages viewers to explore new ingredients and techniques in their own kitchens.

Joshua Weissman’s channel is a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Whether you’re a novice cook or someone looking to take their skills to the next level, his channel offers a diverse range of recipes and techniques. Joshua’s down-to-earth approach and infectious enthusiasm for cooking make his channel an enjoyable and informative resource for anyone looking to up their culinary game.


SortedFood is not just a cooking channel; it’s a culinary adventure shared among friends. The channel’s appeal lies in its laid-back and friendly approach to cooking, making it an inviting space for both beginners and seasoned home cooks.

Popular series

One of the standout series on SortedFood is “FridgeCam,” where the hosts gather to discuss food trends, share cooking challenges, and, of course, taste-test each other’s creations. The channel also features “Pass It On,” a unique cooking challenge where each host adds their twist to a dish, resulting in a collaborative and often hilarious final product.

Culinary style

SortedFood covers a wide range of recipes, often inspired by global cuisines and culinary trends. The emphasis is on approachable and delicious meals that can be easily replicated at home. With multiple hosts providing diverse perspectives, the channel fosters a sense of community and encourages viewers to get creative in their own kitchens.

What to like?

SortedFood stands out for its inclusivity and the sense of camaraderie among the hosts. If you’re looking for a cooking channel that feels like cooking with friends, SortedFood is the perfect fit. The variety of recipes, interactive challenges, and the genuine passion for food make this channel a delightful addition to any cooking enthusiast’s subscription list.

Andy Cooks

Andy Cooks, featuring chef Andy Hearnden. This channel is your global passport to diverse food recipes. Andy Hearnden, the brains behind it all, travels far and wide, delving into the depths of various cuisines. Whether it’s the authentic flavors of Taiwan or the richness of Italian dishes, he’s got it covered. His lasagne shorts might just be one of the finest recipes I’ve ever come across on YouTube.

Popular series

While Andy Cooks doesn’t have a rigid series structure, it is known for its diverse range of recipes, cooking techniques, and occasional food challenges. Andy’s content often features his own twists on classic dishes, and he enjoys experimenting with flavors to create unexpected and delightful results. From quick and easy weeknight dinners to more elaborate weekend projects, Andy’s channel caters to various tastes and skill levels. You can seach his playlists by classics, basics, etc. 

What to like?

Andy’s culinary style is characterized by a sense of exploration and a willingness to take risks in the kitchen. He shares recipes that inspire creativity and encourages viewers to add their own personal flair to dishes. Whether it’s a comforting classic or a bold new creation, Andy Cooks invites you to join him on a culinary journey filled with flavor and fun.

Andy Cooks is perfect for those who enjoy a more personalized and experimental approach to cooking. If you’re looking for inspiration to infuse your dishes with creativity and a bit of flair, Andy’s channel provides a refreshing perspective. Join him on a culinary adventure where the joy of cooking is as important as the delicious end result.

Adam Ragusea

Meet Adam Ragusea, a down-to-earth and candid chef who brings a practical and honest approach to the world of cooking. Adam’s channel is a treasure trove for those seeking straightforward recipes, cooking tips, and a touch of humor along the way.

Popular series

Adam runs a podcast on his channel, delving into all things food-related. Among his regular series are Kitchen 101, Food Science, and a delightful array of dishes. He generously provides step-by-step guides for whipping up everything from cozy comfort food to more upscale fare. And if you’re a vegetarian, you’re in for a treat with his meatless series.

What to like?

Adam’s culinary style is marked by simplicity and accessibility. He focuses on recipes that are practical for everyday life, making his channel especially appealing to busy individuals or those new to the kitchen. From classic dishes to innovative experiments, Adam’s content covers a broad range of culinary experiences. Adam Ragusea’s channel is a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate a no-nonsense approach to cooking. If you’re looking for recipes that prioritize taste and practicality without unnecessary frills, Adam’s channel is a valuable resource. His engaging and relatable style makes the cooking journey enjoyable, even for those who might be hesitant in the kitchen.


Embark on a culinary adventure with Chef John from Foodwishes, a channel that combines humor, culinary expertise, and an unmistakable charm. Chef John’s instructional videos not only guide you through the cooking process but also make the journey thoroughly enjoyable.

Popular series

Foodwishes doesn’t follow a fixed series format. This channel is a treasure trove of diverse culinary delights, offering a wide range of recipes from appetizers to desserts. Chef John’s engaging style and witty commentary make each video not just a cooking tutorial but a delightful culinary experience. Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or a kitchen novice, Foodwishes provides accessible yet impressive recipes with a touch of humor. The channel’s variety ensures there’s always something new and exciting to try, keeping its audience eagerly anticipating the next mouthwatering creation.

What to like?

Chef John’s culinary style is approachable and focuses on creating delicious meals without unnecessary complexity. The recipes are often accompanied by valuable tips and tricks, and Chef John’s passion for food shines through in every video. From appetizers to desserts, Foodwishes covers a wide spectrum of culinary delights.

Foodwishes is perfect for those who enjoy a combination of culinary education and entertainment. Chef John’s unique style, humorous commentary, and clear instructions make the cooking process enjoyable and accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a kitchen novice, Foodwishes offers a welcoming space to expand your culinary skills and experiment with new recipes.

Ethan Chlebowski

Ethan Chlebowski takes an academic approach to his cooking channel. Rather than just presenting individual recipes, his videos often delve into the realm of food science. Through extensive research and testing of everyday ingredients and cooking methods, he introduces innovative and novel concepts. Immerse yourself in the world of home cooking with a touch of sophistication on Ethan Chlebowski’s channel. His contemporary and creative approach adds a visually appealing and deliciously satisfying twist to every recipe he shares.

Popular series

Ethan Chlebowski’s channel boasts a diverse array of series that center around the exploration of various cuisines and culinary techniques. From drawing comparisons between homemade and fast-food dishes to examining different methods of preparing specific recipes, and offering insights into maximizing the potential of particular ingredients—Ethan’s content extends beyond traditional cooking tutorials. With a keen focus on experimentation and analysis, he elevates the learning experience for viewers by providing a deeper understanding of the culinary world. Whether he’s unraveling the secrets behind a beloved dish or showcasing innovative approaches to home cooking, Ethan’s channel serves as an engaging platform for those looking to expand their culinary knowledge and skills.

What to like?

Ethan’s culinary style is characterized by a modern and inventive approach to home cooking. He seamlessly blends flavors, explores unique ingredients, and offers a fresh perspective on classic dishes. From plant-based recipes to indulgent desserts, Ethan’s channel caters to a broad audience with varying tastes and dietary preferences.

Ethan Chlebowski’s channel is a must-follow for those who appreciate culinary innovation and a diverse range of recipes. Whether you’re looking to explore new cooking techniques, experiment with plant-based meals, or simply enjoy visually stunning food content, Ethan’s channel provides a captivating and educational experience. Join him on a journey to elevate your home cooking with creativity and flair.

Not Another Cooking Show

Enter the world of “Not Another Cooking Show,” where the art of cooking is dissected, explored, and perfected with scientific precision. Hosted by a passionate and knowledgeable chef, this channel is a haven for those who want to understand the why behind each cooking technique.

Popular series

Not Another Cooking Show boasts dedicated playlists that explore cuisines from across the globe, offering tutorials on how to effectively utilize a variety of ingredients. The content spans from fundamental skills such as basic ingredient handling and cutting techniques to crafting diverse recipes.

The channel doesn’t shy away from the basics, making it accessible for viewers of all skill levels. The comprehensive approach taken by Not Another Cooking Show extends beyond mere recipe tutorials, offering a well-rounded culinary education. With an emphasis on simplicity, the channel becomes a valuable resource for those seeking to master foundational skills and explore the diverse world of global cuisines.

What to like?

If you’re a home cook seeking a deeper understanding of the science behind your favorite dishes, “Not Another Cooking Show” is an invaluable resource. The channel’s commitment to education, combined with its visually appealing and well-explained content, makes it a go-to for those who want to elevate their cooking skills and appreciate the science behind every culinary masterpiece.

America’s Test Kitchen

Welcome to America’s Test Kitchen, a culinary haven where recipes undergo rigorous testing to ensure foolproof results. This channel, an extension of the renowned cooking magazine and TV show, is dedicated to providing home cooks with well-researched and perfected recipes.

Popular series

At the heart of America’s Test Kitchen is the “Cook’s Illustrated” series, where recipes are meticulously tested, refined, and presented with detailed explanations. Another notable series is “Cook’s Country,” which explores regional American dishes, uncovering the secrets behind their preparation. The channel also features equipment reviews, taste tests, and cooking tips to enhance your skills in the kitchen.

What to like?

The culinary style of America’s Test Kitchen is characterized by a commitment to precision and perfection. The recipes are methodically developed, and the cooking process is thoroughly explained to empower viewers with the knowledge needed to achieve consistent success. From classic comfort foods to gourmet delights, the channel covers a wide range of culinary territories.

America’s Test Kitchen is a go-to destination for those who appreciate a scientific and methodical approach to cooking. If you’re the type of home cook who seeks reliable, foolproof recipes backed by extensive testing and research, this channel is a goldmine. Follow along to not only recreate delicious dishes but also understand the science and techniques behind each culinary triumph.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Step into the world of culinary science with J. Kenji López-Alt, where each recipe is a journey into the intricacies of flavor, texture, and technique. As a chef and author known for his scientific approach to cooking, Kenji’s channel is a treasure trove for those who want to understand the science behind every dish.

Popular series

One of the standout series on J. Kenji López-Alt’s channel is “The Food Lab,” inspired by his best-selling book of the same name. In this series, Kenji dives deep into the scientific principles behind various cooking techniques and recipes, debunking myths and providing practical insights. The channel also features recipe demonstrations, equipment reviews, and Kenji’s personal cooking experiments.

What to like?

Kenji’s culinary style is marked by a combination of scientific curiosity and a passion for creating delicious meals. He breaks down complex culinary concepts into understandable explanations, making advanced techniques accessible to home cooks. Whether it’s the perfect pizza dough, a sous-vide steak, or a simple weeknight stir-fry, Kenji’s recipes are grounded in scientific principles.

J. Kenji López-Alt’s channel is a must-follow for those who want to deepen their understanding of the science of cooking. If you’re curious about the “why” behind each culinary step, Kenji’s channel provides not just recipes but an education in the chemistry and physics of food. Join him on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the kitchen and elevate your cooking skills to a new level.

There’s always a cooking channel for you

In the vast landscape of YouTube cooking channels, there truly is something for everyone. From the culinary explorations of Tasty to the academic approach of Ethan Chlebowski, and the global adventures with Not Another Cooking Show, each channel brings its unique flavor to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, an amateur cook, or someone just looking to spice up their kitchen routine, these channels offer a feast of inspiration, knowledge, and creativity.

So, whether you find comfort in the simplicity of basic skills or thrive on the excitement of experimental cooking, remember that there’s always a cooking channel tailored just for you. The beauty of this digital culinary world lies in its diversity, ensuring that no matter your taste, skill level, or culinary curiosity, there’s a channel out there ready to guide you on a delicious journey. So, grab your apron, sharpen those knives, and let the culinary exploration begin. Happy cooking!

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