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Layered Steel Knife All You Need to Know

Layered Steel Knife: All You Need to Know

The most crucial aspect of any blade is its steel. Different types of steel have varying attributes that make them better or worse for specific tasks. The type of steel

Best Chef Knife for Small Hands in 2022

Best Chef Knife for Small Hands in 2023

When describing a high-quality chef knife, we often think of precision, durability, power, and comfort. Most will consider the design material, the handle’s weight, feel, and the blade’s strength. Unfortunately,

How to Fix a Broken Knife

How to Fix a Broken Knife

Your favorite knife broke, and so did your heart. How are you going to prepare specialities without the go-to tool? Chances are, you might still be able to fix up

How to Measure a Kitchen Knife Correctly

How to Measure a Kitchen Knife Correctly

Getting to grips with the size of your kitchen knives, which sizes you should own, and how to measure a kitchen knife correctly can all seem frighteningly complicated. This article’s

Everything on Chukabocho Chinese Chef Knife

Everything on Chukabocho: Chinese Chef Knife

If you came across chefs chopping and mincing ingredients with a cleaver-like chef’s knife on social media and wondered what it is – that’s Chukabocho! Chukabocho is a type of

The Kitchen Knife Guide To S90V Steel

The Kitchen Knife Guide To: S90V Steel

An intrinsic facet of understanding knives, their quality, and how they work is understanding the steel used in their manufacture.  In this article we’re going to explain S90V steel and

How to Cut Shallots 4 Easy Techniques

How to Cut Shallots: 4 Easy Techniques

Shallots bring a mild garlicky tang to your dishes and give onion robustness too. Being sweeter and milder in astringency than onions, they’ve long been the preferred choice for cooks

Knife Burrs All You Need to Know

Knife Burrs: All You Need to Know

Anyone who owns a good quality knife wants to look after that investment. We want get high performance and longevity out it as an everyday kitchen tool.  Understanding what a