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How to Hang a Knife on a Wall

Magnetic knife holders are a great way of saving up on kitchen space while adding appealing aesthetics to your kitchen, which it deserves. Not only are they convenient, but also easy to use, and choose your required knife when you need it.

These magnetic knife holders are easy to install as well. However, this instructional guide is just for you if you are still having trouble figuring out how to hang a knife on a wall using magnetic knife strips. 

How to hang a knife on a wall:

  1. Find a suitable area for hanging your kitchen knives.
  2. Buy a magnetic knife holder that will allow you to hang all your knives.
  3. Mark the spots for hanging the magnetic holder.
  4. Install the knife holder with mounting strips and screws.
  5. Hang the knives on the magnetic strip with the blades pointing upwards.

Why do you need a magnetic knife holder?

Mounting knives on the walls is one of the most preferred methods of knife storage by chefs and culinary experts. These are a few reasons why you might also consider using one:

  • It looks trendy and doesn’t take up any counter space.
  • A wall-mounted magnetic knife holder makes it easy to find the knife of your choice.
  • It keeps your kitchen knives sharper and more unassailable.
  • You can hang knives of different sizes in order.
  • The magnetic knife strip is child-friendly and keeps the blades out of your children’s reach. 
  • It keeps the edges sharp and rust-free.
  • A magnetic knife holder prevents blades from slipping and falling.

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Choose the right place to hang your knives 

It is necessary to look out for the best knife storage spots in your kitchen to keep your knives out of the reach of little hands. Magnetic knife holders occupy no space in your kitchen. They are easy to mount, but if you’re having difficulties installing them, please refer to the magnetic knife holder instructions in our article to learn how and where to install them. 

There are more than 5 various places around the kitchen to hang knives conveniently and securely.

Above the stove 

This is the right place to keep your knives within easy access when you’re preparing food on the stove. However, hanging the knives on a magnetic holder above the stove is not recommended because humidity weakens the magnetic strength of the strip.

Top of the sink

Top of the sink

This is a frequently used and safe place for hanging knives using a magnetic holder. It keeps the knives out of children’s reach because they can’t reach the top of the sink. Even if a knife falls accidentally from the strip, it will directly fall into the sink. It can be a great place to display your kitchen knives. Make sure the magnetic strip is strong enough to withstand any size of a kitchen knife. 

On the window frame

If your kitchen has no free wall space, consider this space to hang your knives on. Little hands won’t reach the window frame, and if you have short stature, you can use a stool or chair to reach out to the knives.

Inside the cabinet door

It’s one of the hidden and safe ways to hide your knives if you don’t want them hanging on walls. When you have less space on your walls, mount your knives inside the door of your kitchen cabinet.

On the cabinet sides

It is the most ignored space in the kitchen when it comes to organizing your kitchen cutlery line. However, this space can be used to excellent effect if you still doubt where to install the magnetic holder for knives.

This place is more child-proof, and you won’t need to drill into your kitchen walls and tiles when you are out of space.

Under the cabinets

storing knives around the cabinet

The place between the upper cabinets and the kitchen counter is one of the most eye-catching and impressive spaces for hanging your stylish knives. You will enjoy displaying all your knives in this spot so that guests will appreciate them until the little ones get their hands on them.

Factors you need to consider when choosing the right place

Having a good set of knives is an essential part of every kitchen. If you are a chef or a culinary kitchen lover, then organizing knives is as crucial for you as cooking is. Throwing knives into the drawer or knife rack can damage the blades of the knife. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors when choosing the right place to organize your knives:


Before mounting a magnetic knife strip, ensure that the spot is cleaned correctly. Use alcohol wipes to remove oil or dust from the surface because a magnetic knife rack does not work in a humid or oily atmosphere.


There are various spaces in the kitchen where you can hang the knives. Pick up the space which is convenient to you when cooking. Hang your knives in a high place, so your children cannot reach them and hurt themselves. 


The place where you want to hang the knives must be safe. For example, avoid mounting the magnetic strip for knives above or behind the stove because the heat from the stove can damage the magnetic property of the holder, the sharpness of the blades and the quality of the knives’ handles. 

How to mount a magnetic knife holder

How to mount a magnetic knife holder

Mounting a magnetic knife holder is just as easy as buying it. If you have never installed one before, don’t worry. We have covered step-by-step instructions on how to install magnetic knife holders ust for you:

Pick a suitable spot

Find a suitable area in your kitchen to install a magnetic knife holder. Clean the area with a kitchen hand towel to remove dust and oil before installation. Make sure the spot is accessible for you but not for your children. You can consider the places mentioned earlier for hanging your knives.

Mark the spot

After carefully selecting the area, mark the area where you want to hang the magnetic holder with a pen or marker. If you’re going to hang the knives horizontally, draw a transverse line. But if you want to decorate the blades in the vertical position, make sure you have marked the spot vertically. The choice is yours.

Prepare for installation

There are 2 types of magnetic knife holders. One requires screws, and the other works on adhesive material behind the strip. 

Adhesive magnetic knife holder

  • If your kitchen is well-furnished and you do not want to drill the walls, an adhesive magnetic knife holder will work for you. 
  • Apply a dual-sided command strip to the back of the holder on both sides. Press it on the wall for 30 seconds or more.
  • Make sure the adhesive material is strong enough to hold any size of the knife securely.
  • The only disadvantage of adhesive-based magnetic knife holders is that they are hard to remove from the wall. If you want to place the holder on another wall, you will have to buy a new magnetic knife holder.

Screw-based magnetic knife holder

Screw-based magnetic knife holders are easy to install and are more potent than adhesive-based magnetic knife bars.

  • If your walls can not hold adhesive tape, you need to apply screws to the magnetic holder using a drill machine.
  • Ensure you have placed the screws in the proper position.
  • The advantage of a screw in a magnetic holder is that it keeps the holder tight, and there is no chance of a falling knife. 
  • You can easily remove the screws if you are changing the spot of the magnetic holder.
  • It can hold stainless steel knives of various sizes.
  • Make sure the surface is drilling friendly.

Hang your knives

After an hour, organize your knives in such a way that blades are pointing upwards. You can arrange them according to size and length to make them more attractive and to get guests’ appreciation.

Comparison to other storing methods

Tossing the knives in the drawer can damage the sharp edges. With a magnetic knife bar, you can solve many of the issues related to blade quality as well as the appearance of your kitchen. If your current storage methods have damaged your knife blades, you can easily follow the instructions in our well-detailed knife sharpening guide to get them razor-sharp in no time.

Here’s why you need to consider a magnetic knife holder as your primary knife storage method:

In-drawer knife organizer vs. magnetic knife strip

In-drawer knife organizer

Storing your knives in a drawer is a good option to hide your knives from the sight of your children. This type of storage is safe until you hurt your hands while grabbing a knife.

A magnetic knife strip, as compared to drawer storage, showcases the knives in order, so you can quickly grab the knife of your choice.

Countertop storage vs. magnetic knife holder

A knife block on the countertop keeps your knives secured. It can hold knives of various sizes. Besides occupying space on the kitchen counter, it is difficult to clean and easily holds more bacteria and dirt. 

A wall mounted magnetic knife holder, unlike countertop storage, is space saving, can be easily cleaned with a wipe and does not hold any bacteria. In addition, the magnetic knife holder keeps the edges of the knives sharp and shiny.


How many knives can magnetic knife strips hold?

Magnetic knife strips come in various sizes. A long magnetic knife holder can accommodate 8 to 10 knives at a time. Avoid overcrowding your magnetic knife rack. If you have more knives to hang, add another magnetic strip.

How can I remove a knife from the magnetic holder?

Hold the knife firmly by the handle, twist and pull the knife off. In this way, the edge of the knife won’t rub against the strip.

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