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How Is 420J2 Steel as a Knife Steel

How Is 420J2 Steel as a Knife Steel?

420J2 is a stainless steel grade best known for its affordability and corrosion resistance. It’s a low-end, low-carbon stainless steel often used in budget knives, kitchen cutlery, surgical equipment, haircutting

Layered Steel Knife All You Need to Know

Layered Steel Knife: All You Need to Know

The most crucial aspect of any blade is its steel. Different types of steel have varying attributes that make them better or worse for specific tasks. The type of steel

How to Fix a Broken Knife

How to Fix a Broken Knife

Your favorite knife broke, and so did your heart. How are you going to prepare specialities without the go-to tool? Chances are, you might still be able to fix up

Everything on Chukabocho Chinese Chef Knife

Everything on Chukabocho: Chinese Chef Knife

If you came across chefs chopping and mincing ingredients with a cleaver-like chef’s knife on social media and wondered what it is – that’s Chukabocho! Chukabocho is a type of

The Kitchen Knife Guide To S90V Steel

The Kitchen Knife Guide To: S90V Steel

An intrinsic facet of understanding knives, their quality, and how they work is understanding the steel used in their manufacture.  In this article we’re going to explain S90V steel and

How Is 7cr17mov as Kitchen Knife Material

How Is 7Cr17MoV as Kitchen Knife Material?

As more and more knife companies adopt Chinese-made steels, the public has become more and more curious about the quality of these steels. In particular, many people are interested in

Is 8cr13mov a Good Knife Steel

Is 8cr13mov a Good Knife Steel?

Knife steel guides are increasingly reviewing Chinese steels such as the 8Cr13MoV. But is the 8Cr13MoV worth all the hype? Let’s find out. For this review, we will assess the

How to dull a knife?

How to Dull a Knife?

While you would want most of your knives to be sharp to slice through ingredients without a sweat, some situations call for a dull knife. Intentionally dulling a blade may