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How to Cut Kohlrabi – The Right Way

You might have seen a green vegetable that seems like it’s come from outer space with its bulbous exterior and stalks shooting out. This alien spaceship look-alike is called kohlrabi and is a very healthy vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family.

If you’re unacquainted with this veggie, make sure to buy it the next time visiting the farmer’s market, and enjoy this superfood raw, roasted, pureed, and even riced! Let’s learn how to cut kohlrabi to devour what you’ve been missing out on all these years!

How to cut kohlrabi

  1. Cut off the stalks and leaves of kohlrabi.
  2. Use a chef’s knife to cut a thin slice from the top and bottom.
  3. Use a paring knife to peel the skin.
  4. Cut the kohlrabi into quarters and cut out the core from each part.
  5. Slice into cubes, batons, matchsticks, or any shapes as desired.

What is kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi is a cruciferous vegetable that belongs to the cabbage family. Also known as the German turnip, the kohlrabi grows as a bulb with stems and leaves shooting out of it. Ranging from green to purple, the insides of kohlrabi are a pale yellow.

Moreover, they taste somewhere between a turnip and broccoli but are milder and a little sweet. Kohlrabi lovers state that these sweet yet peppery flavor veggies have hints of radish and cucumber flavors.

How to prepare kohlrabi

Before starting cutting kohlrabi, make sure your main ingredients are properly cleaned. Run the kohlrabi under cold tap water and rub them all over to remove any dirt.

Next, cut off any leaves and stems with the help of a chef’s knife, as close to the bulb as possible. Slice off the top and bottom to make a flat surface that comfortably sits on the cutting board.

cutting the stem off the kohlrabi

For peeling the vegetable, it’s easier to slice bigger kohlrabies in half and then use a paring knife to peel the tough outer skin. Make sure to be firm when handling the vegetable to avoid slipping.

peeling the skin off the kohlrabi

Next, halves the kohlrabi, and then quarter them.

Cutting the uneven part off the kohlrabi

How to cut kohlrabi

How to cut kohlrabi in batons

Kohlrabi cut in batons tastes delicious when sautéed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. For cutting kohlrabi in batons, follow the steps below:

Step 1. After your kohlrabi is properly quartered, bring it to the cutting board on a flat surface. Slice it from the top into ½ inch slices.

How to cut kohlrabi in batons step 1

Step 2. Stack the slices over one anther, then cut them crosswise to create 2 inches long baton sticks.

How to cut kohlrabi in batons step 2

How to cut kohlrabi in juliennes

Cutting kohlrabi in juliennes is the same as the baton cut except for the measurements, which differentiate one cut from another.

Step 1. Thinly slice the kohlrabi into 1/8 inch slices.

How to julienne cut kohlrabi step 1

Step 2. Stack these kohlrabi slices and cut them them crosswise to achieve long juliennes.

How to julienne cut kohlrabi step 2

How to cut kohlrabi in cubes

Now that you’ve learned how to cut the kohlrabi into batons, cutting them in cubes should be easy. This ease is because the baton cut is the intermediate step to the cubes cut. Take the baton sticks of the kohlrabi and cross-cut them horizontally into equally sized kohlrabi cubes.

How to cut kohlrabi into cubes

Cutting kohlrabi with our handmade knives

True cutting power in the palm of your hand

How to eat kohlrabi

How to eat kohlrabi

There are several ways you can devour this tasty, healthy treat. We’ve listed down a few for your ease:

  • Raw: Kohlrabies taste wonderful even when raw. The best way to devour this healthy veggie raw is to slice them up in juliennes and toss them into your favorite salad. A dozen kohlrabi salad recipes await you!
  • Sautéed: Batons or batonnets? Choose an option and sauté in a dash of olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Sautéed onions and creams are an excellent recipe for you to try.
  • Roasted: Kohlrabi tastes fantastic when roasted with garlic and parmesan cheese. Want more out of this flavorful veggie? Try kohlrabi fries instead.
  • Riced: Riced cauliflowers got a new twist with riced kohlrabi in town! This tasty vegetable offers the most delicious bed to your favorite baked chicken, chicken thighs, and more! Throw your kohlrabi cubes in the food processor to make rice-sized pieces. Savor with your favorite kohlrabi rice recipe.


What are the health benefits of kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi is a power-packed vegetable that contains Vitamins A, K, C, and B-complex, along with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and even dietary fiber and antioxidant compounds. Kohlrabi has various health benefits such as aiding digestion, weight loss, blood pressure regulation, prevention of anemia, etc.

What is the difference between kohlrabi and turnip?

Kohlrabi and turnips are two brassicas that are often confused with each other. However, kohlrabies are milder and softer in texture and flavor than turnips. They aren’t root vegetables like turnips. Moreover, while turnips are smaller, they hoard a bit more calories than kohlrabies.

Can you eat kohlrabi leaves?

Kohlrabi leaves are edible and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. While smaller bulbs tend to be more flavorful, larger ones are also fine for cooking.

How can you keep kohlrabi fresh for longer?

To keep your kohlrabi fresh for longer, remove the leaves and wrap the bulb in a plastic bag in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. Keeping the kohlrabi this way will last for about a week without losing its crunch.


That’s all about kohlrabies, folks! We are sure you must be tempted to try out this tempting veggie if you haven’t done so yet. Head to the farmer’s market now and buy those kohlrabies!

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