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Equipment You Need to Cook Over A Campfire

Campfire cooking is a rewarding experience that combines the pleasures of the great outdoors with the deliciousness of a well-prepared meal. As you plan your next camping adventure, consider the right equipment to make your campfire food not only tasty but also safe and easy to prepare.

Having the proper campfire cooking equipment makes a huge difference in the quality of your outdoor meals. From basic items, like pots and pans, to specialized tools for grilling, roasting, or boiling your favorite foods over an open flame, this article will help guide your choices.

As you read on, you’ll find helpful suggestions for selecting campfire cooking gear to suit your specific needs and preferences. Get ready to explore the tools that will elevate your camping experience and make your campfire meals ones to remember.

How to choose the right equipment?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of camp cooking equipment, here are some factors we considered we choosing the right gear. You should keep these in mind as well when assembling your own lineup for the trip.

Iron pan and camping accessory on wood table. Equipment for camping in forest. In summer with sunlight.


Look for cookware made from materials that can withstand high heat and open flames, such as cast iron, stainless steel, or heavy-duty aluminum. Cast iron is excellent for heat retention, but it’s heavier than other materials, making it less ideal for backpacking trips.


Choose campfire cooking equipment that can serve multiple purposes to save space and weight in your backpack. Items like dutch ovens or grills can be used for various types of dishes and cooking methods, making them versatile options.


Consider the size of the cookware and how many people you’ll be cooking for. Pots, pans, and grills come in many sizes, so choose one that best suits your needs. If you’re camping with a group, opt for larger cookware to prepare meals efficiently.

Cooking method

Different campfire cooking equipment caters to various methods. Do you prefer cooking directly over a fire, or would you rather use a tripod or spit? Knowing your preferred cooking method will help narrow down your choices.

Ease of use and cleaning

Some campfire cooking equipment requires additional tools or has more parts, making it more challenging to use and clean. Consider investing in gear that’s easy to handle, assemble, and clean up after your meals.

Essential campfire cooking equipment

In this section, we will discuss some essential campfire cooking equipment to make your outdoor cooking experience a breeze.

Cookware and containers

  • Basic cookware: Invest in some quality cookware based on your needs. This includes skillet, dutch oven, grill, etc. We recommend cast iron for all your cookware selections. Cast iron is durable, retains heat well, and distributes it evenly, making it perfect for cooking over an open flame.
  • Containers: In addition to your cookware essentials, it’s a good idea to have some stainless steel containers for boiling water, heating up canned foods, or making tea or coffee. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and hard to rust.

Cooking tools

  • Kitchen knife: A cutting tool is a no-brainer when selecting essential camp cooking gears. You want something that’s sharp and retains its sharp edge well, and with a tough blade. The knife ought to be versatile that can cut various ingredients like HDMD’s Utility Chef Knife.
  • Grill, and cooking grate: These items are vital for campfire cooking. A sturdy grill or cooking grate can be placed over your fire to support your cookware. Consider bringing along a folding grill or a campfire cooking grate for convenience.
  • Tripod: A campfire tripod is a collapsible, tripod-shaped tool that you can set up over your campfire. It allows you to hang cookware, like a dutch oven, at adjustable heights, making it easier to control cooking temperatures. Simply set up the tripod, attach a chain or hook to your cookware, and hang it over the fire.
  • Rotisserie: A rotisserie is a fantastic addition for outdoor cooking. It’s a metal rod and motorized apparatus that spins meat or vegetables over an open fire. To use it, skewer the food onto the metal rod and let the motor slowly rotate it, cooking your meal to perfection.

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Cooking aids and accessories

  • Utensils: A set of quality cooking utensils is a must for campfire cooking. Make sure to pack tongs, a spatula, and a long-handled spoon or fork to help with flipping, stirring, and serving food items.
  • Care accessories: Most cookware needs special care, especially cast iron ones. Bring along a non-abrasive brush or scraper for cleaning, as well as a cloth or paper towel to dry your cookware before storing. Additionally, a heat-resistant glove or handle cover is a great accessory for safely handling hot cookware.

Explore different cooking methods

explore the different camping methods

When you’re at a campground, there’s something so satisfying about cooking over an open fire. But if you want to make your meals memorable, consider trying out more different campfire cooking equipment.

  • A camping stove is a versatile option that can broaden your culinary horizons. Light and compact, you can easily carry it with you on your trip. It’ll let you cook all kinds of dishes, whether you’re simmering a pot of chili or preparing pasta.
  • Open fire cooking can be a bit more challenging, but it adds a unique, smoky flavor to your food. Skewers are great for grilling veggies and meats, and you can also use a cast iron skillet for frying. Just make sure you practice fire safety and follow any campground rules or regulations.
  • A campfire rotisserie offers a more hands-off approach to cooking. It’s perfect for larger cuts of meat or even whole birds. Simply set it up over your fire, and let it slowly rotate your meal, cooking it evenly and locking in those delicious juices.
  • Portable grills pack the power of a full-size grill into a convenient and transportable design. With one, you can enjoy perfectly charred burgers and hot dogs, no matter where your camping adventures take you.

So next time you go camping, consider expanding your campfire cooking equipment inventory. Experimenting with these different methods will not only make you a more versatile outdoor chef but also bring you and your fellow campers some delicious and unforgettable meals.

Popular campfire foods

When you’re around a campfire, there’s nothing better than having some comforting and easy-to-make foods. In this section, we will discuss some of the popular campfire foods that you can enjoy on your next camping trip.

One of the classic campfire favorites is hot dogs. You can simply skewer them on sticks or use a campfire grill grate to cook them to perfection. They’re easy to eat and loved by both kids and adults.

Fish is another popular and versatile option. You can wrap it in foil with some lemon slices and seasoning, then place it directly on the hot coals or grill. Another method is using a fish basket to hold and flip the fish over the campfire easily.

Hearty stews and soups are perfect for those chilly evenings. You can cook them in a dutch oven, which is a versatile campfire cooking tool, directly on the hot coals or over the campfire. Some popular campfire stew options include beef and vegetable stew, chili, and chicken and dumplings.

A cheese sandwich, particularly grilled cheese, makes for a delicious campfire food. Use a pie iron or campfire pan to toast the bread and melt the cheese over the fire. You can also experiment by adding tomato, ham, or any of your favorite fillings.

Lastly, don’t forget about breakfast! Scrambled eggs can be easily cooked in a skillet over the campfire. Add some cheese, diced vegetables, or breakfast meats for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Regardless of your preferences, these campfire foods will definitely make your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Camping equipment maintenance

Camping is all about the experience, and good campfire cooking starts with well-maintained equipment. Here are some tips to help you keep your gear in top shape.

preparing oatmeal porridge outdoors on gas burner. camping cooking equipment


After every use, give your cooking equipment a thorough cleaning. You don’t want any leftover grease or food debris attracting unwanted guests like bugs or critters.

  • Pots and pans: Wash them with a mild dish soap and a sponge or soft brush. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, as they can damage the surface.
  • Grill or grate: Use a grill brush to remove burnt-on food and grease. If stubborn spots remain, soak the grill in warm soapy water before scrubbing.
  • Utensils: Clean them just like you would at home – with soap, water, and a sponge.


When you’re out in the great outdoors, it’s essential to treat your equipment with respect. This means using it as intended and avoiding any rough handling:

  • Avoid overheating: High heat can damage non-stick surfaces or warp metal. Keep cooking temperatures low to moderate.
  • Don’t use metal utensils on non-stick surfaces: You don’t want scratches, which will diminish their effectiveness. Opt for silicone or wooden options instead.
  • Mind the weight limit: Be aware of how much weight your cooking gear can handle. Overloading can lead to broken handles or bent metal.


Store your cooking equipment properly when not in use. This will extend its lifespan and make your next camping adventure even more enjoyable.

  • Dry thoroughly: Make sure everything is completely dry before packing it away. Moisture can cause rust or mildew to form.
  • Nest neatly: If possible, nest pots and pans together to save space, placing a soft cloth or pad between them to prevent scratching.
  • Keep it in a container: Put your camping gear in a water-resistant and durable container or bag. This will help protect it from the elements and make it easier to transport.

Happy camping!

Selecting the right campfire cooking equipment is crucial for a memorable outdoor cooking experience. Consider your needs, invest in sturdy equipment, and don’t underestimate the power of planning ahead.

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